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We are proud to collaborate with 'Vizag Volunteers', 'Abhimani Foundation Bobbili' and 'Sneha Sandhya Age Care Foundation' are NGO based in Vizag which has carved its niche time and again through its reverent service since the Pandemic Outbreak in 2020. We came together to centralise our focus and efforts towards our Mission of Saving Lives during the current pandemic situation vis-a-vis various activities pertaining to healthcare and food supply.

Abhimani Foundation Bobbili

ABHIMANI FOUNDATION, Bobbili is a Non-Profitable Organization engaging in Community Developmental Activities in the Remote and Backward areas of Andhra Pradesh. Mr Reddy Rajgopal Naidu, the Founder of the organization started with a vision to serve the underprivileged in July 2006 along with like-minded, honest, and committed individuals in the Society from July 2006... Read More..

Vizag Volunteers

Vizag Volunteers was founded by Mr. Karnatakapu Satish and Mr. Chandan Achary on 27 March 2020, 2 days after the nationwide lockdown came into force with a Mission to reach out to the vulnerable, poor and the needy. With the collaboration of like-minded people, NGOs and other organizations, Vizag Volunteers is now a force of 648 volunteers on date and still growing. Read More..

Sneha Sandhya Age Care Foundation

Sneha Sandhya Age Care Foundation is a Charitable Trust, established in 2012 to serve the elderly and the sick, particularly those suffering from incurable illness, with a Mission to provide Quality Geriatric and Palliative Care. The Foundation operates through a team of Doctors, Nurses and trained Volunteers who assist by providing health care... Read More..