Ongoing Projects


An oxygen concentrator runs on Air and Power Supply, which can be a life saving machine, given its convenience and effective delivery of Oxygen to those patients who cannot get enough on their own. There's a high degree of demand for these appliances alongside the surge in COVID-19 cases.

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Covid Mobile Testing

While the testing centres are getting more and more crowded with increase in cases, mobile covid testing will facilitate to reach out to old aged population and people with comordibities.

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Food Supply

With food price inflation and supply disruptions due to COVID-19, people, particularly in the low income group are facing acute scarcity of food, which needs to be made good on priority.

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Do you want to donate Oxygen Concentrator for family, friends or loved ones? We help deliver them at doorstep for you.

Each unit costs $1150. Please Donate as per your requirement. Donate