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Food Distribution

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Presently, given the pandemic scenario, to strengthen the worthwhile struggle for existence, we are striving for Procurement and Provision of Oxygen Concentrators, Installation of Mobile Testing Mechanisms and Management and Distribution of Food Supply to the Needy.

Help Our Telugu States to defeat the 2nd wave of covid - 19

AP Janmabhoomi has pledged 'Help Telugu Bhoomi Defeat Covid-19' Campaign and needs your support to help life flourish across our twin states. We are raising funds for the most fundamental life sustaining apparatus like Oxygen Concentrators and Ventilators, which will be procured and distributed across our Telugu Bhoomi Domain.

We therefore seek your kindhearted support to help Lives Breathe back home.

We need 150+ Oxygen Concentrators costing USD 172500+ and need more funds to distribute food & groceries for COVID patients, low income health care workers

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