Covid-19 India

Covid-19 India


In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are dedicated to fortifying survival efforts. Our focus includes procuring and distributing oxygen concentrators, implementing mobile testing mechanisms, and managing food supply distribution for those in need.

Extend a Helping Hand to Defeat the Second Wave Together in Our Telugu States.

AP Janmabhoomi has launched the 'Help Telugu Bhoomi Defeat COVID-19' Campaign, and we invite your support to foster life across our twin states. We're raising funds for critical life-sustaining equipment, such as Oxygen Concentrators and Ventilators, to be procured and distributed throughout our Telugu Bhoomi Domain. Your generous support is crucial to helping lives breathe back home. We aim to acquire 150+ Oxygen Concentrators, totaling over USD 172,500. Additional funds are also needed to provide food and groceries for COVID-19 patients and support low-income healthcare workers. Your kindhearted contribution will make a meaningful impact during these challenging times. Join us in making a difference during these challenging times.

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